Temporary tables using php/mysql

hi all

how can we use temporary tables in php/mysql? what is the advantage of using like this?

Do you guys use temporary tables in any application? please share your ideas

I have seen most of the ASP.net guys using temporary tables.How can we implement this in a real project using php


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o no you dit-ten!

I have an idea about temporary table,but no idea in which situation I should use

Why would you need it in the first place? Are you wanting to use it ‘just to use it’?

Temporary tables can come into their own if your repeatedly manipulating a large amount of data, usually derived from a regular table.

maybe the asp.net guys don’t know how to write efficient queries :stuck_out_tongue:


What purpose does it serve (having simply a concept of temporary tables) if you do not yet know the situation in which you will use it in?

Maybe you should explain your idea a bit more, as there could be a way around it, instead of using temporary tables.