Template messup

Hello Sitepoint

I’m having a stupid issue which is my own fault. I made a website based on a template I made in Dreamweaver. I created some ineditable regions which are standard throughout the site. However, during the course and evolution of the site I completely messed up the template in such a way I can’t use it anymore to make adaptations to the site using it. The pages are still attached to the template, but I don’t have to make changes to the uneditable regions so I just don’t use it anymore.
I want to add a facebookbutton to the site on each page. However the jquery code into the beginning of the body-tag and the actual button into the header, need to be placed in ineditable regions.
I fixed this for the index-page into notepad, where I copied the codes into the right place on the document. But offcourse this is almost impossible to do with 50 pages. Add to that that when you work in notepad the “strange” symbols like é and è have been modified and need to be redone in DW.
Is there a solution how I can add the codes more effeciently into the site without copy pasting every single page into notepad and back?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Obviously it’s better not to use proprietary code to build a website. A better option is PHP includes. Anyhow, that won’t help you with the current situation.


I think you probably need specific help from a Dreamweaver forum to get your templates back into shape as we don’t have that many experienced DW users here at the moment. I have used the DW templates (about 10 years ago) and they were always a pain and I gave up using them. It’s much better to use ‘includes’ as Ralph suggests and much easier to manage.

You could detach your pages from the template (but I’m not sure if you can do this in a batch). You could then just use DW search and replace and update all 50 local pages with the new code in one go.

However, it may be better for you to start from scratch again and build the pages with includes and get it back into a manageable position again or you will have this problem every time you do something.