Dreamweaver friendly css

I just wanted to ask how to keep your css correct for the dreamweaver design view section?

For example, the faux columns do not appear correctly in dreamweaver design view, while it is there perfectly in the code view.

How do you fix such issues if your client wants a dreamweaver editable template, so that he can put in his data through the design view?


Thanx for the help guys. Yes sometimes a client insists to edit/add content using design view. In such cases I had to compromise on the page layout being simple enough for this.

Now I shall try one of the above tips :). Thank You.

Design view is horrible to use. I would strongly suggest setting up a CMS for the client. That is properly designed for the client entering content.

If the client isn’t editing the template itself, only adding content, then they should not be using Dreamweaver. They should be using a CMS instead. Adobe makes a CMS specifically to work with Dreamweaver - Adobe Contribute.

Contribute is nice for non-designers because it functions similarly to Microsoft Word - easy to use - and they see the website as if they were in a normal web browser. But it is hell for web designers/developers who have to go in after it’s been used because the code it produces is pretty much crap. Though it is nice because you can assign specific style sheets for users. There are a lot of things to troubleshoot and manage when you use Contribute, but for many people it is a (sort of) cheap option that gives them the most control.

I agree with Ralh.

Client such as that have a very limited understanding of the web AND their web needs. In fact they are bound to end accidentally up deleting some important tag or another even in the WYSIWYG mode.

Still I understand your predicament and this is how I’ve dealt with it. TEACH the client how to navigate through the page’s source text. By that I mean teach him to turn off the CSS style and look at the content ONLY. Then he can add/ edit or delete his content and the reactivate the CSS and look at the sight in it’s full glory. Really anything else (WSIWYG or not) would require an understanding of web design,period. This is why I can make the assumption that he not intending to add layout of visual elements so the above method should suffice.

I recommend a CMS like ExpressionEngine, but if you have to stick with Dreamweaver, you might consider a CMS like WebYep, which integrates with Dreamweaver.