Tee-design script gone sour

heres the demo of what i’m working on http://teedesigner.xp3.biz. I want to redesign it like teesprings where users design gets stored on the database.

Welcome to the forums, @ajadiololade.

I’ve temporarily unlisted your post, as it’s not clear what you’re asking. “Gone sour” isn’t a very clear description of your problem.

Please can you clarify your question here.

am sorry about thati meant am stuck with the code. shoule i re-write another one

Stuck where and how? If you can explain your problem more clearly, it’s much more likely that somebody will be able to help.

Post your code here, so members can take a look at it. (When you post code on the forums, you need to format it so it will display correctly. You can highlight your code, then use the </> button in the editor window, or you can place three backticks ``` (top left key on US/UK keyboards) on a line above your code, and three on a line below your code. I find this approach easier, but unfortunately some European and other keyboards don’t have that character.)

Then explain what is not working correctly. What should happen? What does happen?

can i just post the link to the code on github?

If that’s easier, go ahead.

@ajadiololade: you still haven’t explained what help you need.

Which part of the script is not working? What do you want to happen which is not happening now? What is broken?


thanks, kinldy check this code out, i want it to screenshot a page and have the page sent to my mail. The screenshot works perfectly but i don’t know how ti integrate the mail function

function getscreenshot() {
            onrendered: function(canvas) {

I don’t see any mail function.

i really don’t know how to use the mail function with javascript that is my problem. After the screenshot has been done it only displays it in the contianter div

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