Taking Attendance Offline

I have a customer that doesn’t always have a solid internet connection. They are using our PHP app to take attendance. Basically, they just toggle a switch to say present or absent, and with ajax we update the database on the web server. What do you think the simplest way would be to let her take roll for 3-4 classes while offline, and then refresh the server db once she is back online. Any ideas?

I haven’t read the whole article, but this looks promising? Offline Web Application Maybe it can be modified?

Perhaps give her an HTML web page she can run on her PC (offline) that uses Javascript to write to a local text file (e.g. attendance.txt or .csv in a folder called e.g. C:\Register). When she goes online give her a link to a page she can call that will read the text file and update the online database, and will also clear the local text file ready for next time.