.svg file compatibility

I have a basic .svg logo design I created in InkScape, but I need some more advanced work done to replace the white areas with a brushed stainless steel finish look;

Do any advanced design programs like PhotoShop or Illustrator, etc., have the capacity to read and save .svg files ?

Or, given a brushed stainless steel finish look, would the filetype need to be pixel-based once completed?

Many thanks

Illustrator supports SVG and I am pretty sure so does GIMP although various programs have different levels of SVG support.

Good question. I’m not sure how the file type would handle that. I’ve only used .svg for animations, and that only accepts basic fills and strokes since it converts the image to code (line/shape coordinates and color info).

You could save it as .eps and it will still remain editable in Illustrator and possibly in other programs as well.

Thanks for the suggestion of Illustrator, and the suggestion of saving to .eps files.

InkScape provides saving to a few different .svg files (InkScape .svg, plain .svg, and scoured .svg). GIMP can read plain .svg, but with a dark and light gray grid pattern in the background. I don’t know GIMP enough yet to get rid of the background grid.

I’ll try the .eps format between programs and see how that works.

Can Illustrator emulate a brushed steel fill?

Thanks again.

You can definitely get the brushed steel look in Illustrator, but it might take a little more than just applying a fill or gradient. There are plenty of free resources and tutorials out there if you need help getting the look you want. You might even want to use a stock photo for texture depending on how realistic you want it to look (just using gradients will give a smooth/shiny metal look).