Superfish menu stacking and z-index issue

Hi members,

I have a small issue that I am facing here and I am not able to solve it. Can you please help me out ??

Please see link

There is a superfish menu on the left container. I am not worried about the style that can do. but when I insert the menu there I see the menu play inside the container itself, but it shouldn’t work that way. Can you help me here and let me know where I might be going wrong. The main problem is I need to get the menu working and it should be in the top and not inside.

I have also attached a image showing the issue

Please suggest


You have overflow:hidden on the #left-sidebar which means the menu can never escape. Remove the overflow:hidden and the submenu will show :).


Guess I didn’t see that… Thank you Paul… Stupid me. All issue solved. :slight_smile: