Superfish menu not working as advertised

Updating a site dating from about 2002, I added a superfish based menu, with a delay when the mouse moves off the menu item to keep the flyout section visible for a bit in case the user moved the mouse the wrong way and missed the flyout.
(superfish example = )

Originally the site used tables and a nested table (it was from 2002!!!) and the new menu work okay when still sitting in a table cell.
Then I did the final conversion to using divs for layout - and the delay stopped working.

The site is still being brought up to date (the index page is a mess, that’s the next task, just waiting for the owner’s new text), but anyone got any idea why the delay stopped and how to make it work again?

the site =

I’m not a Jquery expert in any way - I haven’t read the books I bought on it yet, so I need help when these things go wrong, and keep it simple, please.

Oh, the css hasn’t had the old bits removed yet, so it’s a bit messy to say the least, but the superfish menu styles are in the file suckerfish.css (suckerfish was the first attempt at a new menu)

I wonder if it’s something to do with the menu being pulled in from outside? I tested your page with the menu code in the HTML and the delay worked. I’d suggest pulling it in with a PHP include rather than with JS. That’s pretty dangerous anyway. Someone with JS off will get no menu.

When it first worked, I pulled in the menu the same way.