Suggestion needed

I need help.

Please show me what I do wrong in seo for my website
I read many seo tutorials but no improvements in google rank.
If I do a search in google for mysitename the link for the main page does not have subcategories.
If I do a search in google for cell phones mysitename I don’t get the page for cell phones from my website.

Thank you

Hi queman. If you’ve just put your site up, you need to wait a fair while before Google takes it seriously, but it shouldn’t take too long to rise up the list (although the more years it’s up, the better it’s likely to do, as long as it’s a genuine site with a genuine product).

The subcategories happens at the whim of Google, and tends to appear only after the site has been online for a while and has gained some credibility.

Internet Marketing is a lot more than just optimising a site and hoping for hits from search engines. You need to tell people about your site and product, make connections, offer something useful around the products (like informative blog posts, Twitter feeds and so on). It’s a lot of work. Just hoping for Google traffic is a recipe for disaster.

Maybe check out this recent chat with a marketing expert for more inspiration:

I’ve removed your actual site name here. If you’d like an SEO review of your site, you can request that through the Reviews & Critiques forum, in accordance with its [URL=“”]guidelines.

You can ask for general advice and information in this forum, but not an SEO review of a specific site. :slight_smile:

If you mean sitelinks, then Google doesn’t always show them - only when it thinks they are relevant to the search term. You can find more information here:

That’s probably because the text “cell phones mysitename” doesn’t appear anywhere on your page, and Google is trying to show you results for the actual term you searched for. :slight_smile: When I perform that search (using your real site name) I get results for reviews of your site, which makes sense; they are more likely to contain all the search terms than your actual page.

If you want to check which pages Google has indexed, you can use as your search term.