Hi Guys and Girls , This is my first post so hello all , I am relativley new to all this although i have worked with a few cms and i am planning to build a website for my event lighting company but i also dj in my local club so i want my entire music collection available from the site aswell so i can download in the field , and i dont know if there is a specific cms for that type of thing or wether a script that runs alongside the site i really dont know

Thanks for any sudjestions

Hi there,

Wouldn’t some kind of cloud storage solution be a good idea, e.g. Dropbox.
You could upload your music from your PC, then access your collection via Dropbox’s web interface when you are in the field. Dropbox also has various mobile apps and has the added advantage of being free upto 2GB (with further free space for referrals).

Im trying to achieve my goal as cheaply as possible and im looking at storing around 1tb of music and that would not be cheap with online storage , luckly i have built a server with enough capacity to achieve my goal i am just search for ways and means to do so , Thank you for your reply though

Oh, ok. Then why don’t you just upload everything to your server and make the directory where you store everything listable. You’ll probably want to password protect it first, though.

Wouldn’t it be possible to just log on to your server with an FTP client, such as filezilla and manage the files from there on? I could be misunderstanding something though :stuck_out_tongue:

I might want to have that many files on a site too, but I’m not sure I would want to use it to download from. I think I’d rather carry a pocket full of thumb drives with me instead.

well some of the files that site will contain will be backup files for some of the lighting shows and software needed , and some of my partners in the lighting organisation arnt very tech savvy , and i feel ftp may be a bit complex for them , just to give you an idea of what sort of light show i provide (and to show off a little ) here is a small video