Sharing files for a project, Dropbox or better alternatives?

Hello everyone. This is my first post on this forum. I was looking for an easy to use forum of experts on web development because it is something I want to get into and have several questions.

First and foremost, I want to try to build a website with my friend who lives in another state. What are some good methods of privately sharing files and content with each other? I was thinking drop box but we need at least 30 gb minimum and the drop box business which has more space has a 5-user minimum which would cost a bit. Are there better alternatives?

30 gb seems a lot of data to build a website.

Why not try Dropbox and see how it goes. Also think about what each of you are going to do and if you need to share that amount of data. Images for instance; would you need to share the full sized image or would it just be the compressed one.

EDIT: I have just remembered you can setup file sharing on your server. I can not remember the name now but if you have cpanel I think there is an option to set it up through there.

If you and your remote friend are familiar with git you might consider using github or bitbucket which offers a free private repository (note: only bitbucket offers private repos for free that I’m aware of).


For simple file sharing the cheapest option would be to simply buy a normal hosting account and share files via FTP/SFTP. Just beware of any “unlimited” plans, which is usually a deceit - the terms of service will prohibit FTP use for anything but uploading files for web sites. Just choose an honest hosting company with clear bandwidth limits for all services and you are good to go.

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