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im trying to view my work, real time preview on sublime text 3, i used browser-syn and live-mod but in today dates they seems to be working no longer… how can i make real time preview of my php code in browser…???

Can you not simply use Ctrl+s in your editor and F5 in your browser, or am I missing something?

You can try live reload which is another Sublime 3.0 package, though I should say that I just tried the browser sync and it worked.

Alternatively, maybe you should consider the browser sync npm package or even Parcel, which comes with built-in live reloading without further config.

That indeed is a possible, but for increased productivity, you likely want your changes to show up as soon as you save a file you’re working on. That way you don’t have to leave your cursor to a different window and focus out of your editor. It sounds like a tiny change, but believe me – it saves a lot of time.

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what is did was, install package installer after that simple install browser sync from package install,whenever i click lauch from browser sync menu its open chrome broswer and address open in broswer is: http://localhost:3000/, i belive it should be http://localhost/myprojects (i hvae install node.js as some one told me)…can guide me step for broswer sync it you dont mind…

It really does. We have a development version (which CSS changes don’t cause page reloads, but JS does) that goes off localhost:3000. It keeps everything local and doesn’t push files to the server, which is slower.

Then we have a localhost:5000 which refreshes for every css/js change and actually pushes files to the server with each save. The productivity increase is notable.

Sometimes when copying local files to the server I have had conflicts that prevent the server files from doing what I want then to do so prefer to find problems ASAP:

  1. develop locally using Sublime

  2. frequently refresh a local open browser page

  3. spasmodically RSYNC from a local terminal

  4. after RSYNC, refresh a server browser sandbox page

Example of using RSYNC:

rsync -avz /var/www/ -e ssh myrootname@

Results of synchronising nearly 1,000 files:

sending incremental file list
sent 94,857 bytes received 535 bytes 12,718.93 bytes/sec
total size is 18,187,974 bytes, speedup is 190.67 milliSeconds

A complete project is synchonized in seconds to a server side Sandbox.


RSYNC works on all platforms

thank for all helping me but i have move to brackets which give the option for live previews…as it was bit hard for me to figure out why its not working for me…

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