Browser Sync with Wordpress

I came across browser-sync recently that’s really awesome I’m using the following code to use with my local server:

  "devDependencies": {
    "@wordpress/scripts": "^12.1.0",
    "dir-archiver": "^1.1.1",
    "node-sass": "^4.14.1",
    "rtlcss": "^2.5.0"
  "rtlcssConfig": {
    "options": {
      "autoRename": false,
      "autoRenameStrict": false,
      "blacklist": {},
      "clean": true,
      "greedy": false,
      "processUrls": false,
      "stringMap": []
    "plugins": [],
    "map": false
  "scripts": {
    "watch": "node-sass sass/ -o ./ --source-map true --output-style expanded --indent-type tab --indent-width 1 -w",
    "compile:css": "node-sass sass/ -o ./ && stylelint '*.css' --fix || true && stylelint '*.css' --fix",
    "compile:rtl": "rtlcss style.css style-rtl.css",
    "lint:scss": "wp-scripts lint-style 'sass/**/*.scss'",
    "sync": "browser-sync start -p 'localhost/fastcc' --files 'css/*.css' '**/*.php'",
    "lint:js": "wp-scripts lint-js 'js/*.js'",
    "bundle": "dir-archiver --src . --dest ../ --exclude .DS_Store .stylelintrc.json .eslintrc .git .gitattributes .github .gitignore composer.json composer.lock node_modules vendor package-lock.json package.json .travis.yml phpcs.xml.dist sass"
  "dependencies": {
    "browser-sync": "^2.27.4"

This code line below help me to auto-refresh changes in any PHP and CSS files:
“sync”: “browser-sync start -p ‘localhost/fastcc’ --files ‘css/.css’ '**/.php’”,

But when I make changes from dashboard browser-sync doesn’t work, how can I auto-refresh changes from dashboard changes too.

I’m using Vs-code for browser-sync

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