Sub domain mapping issues

Hello All,

I need to know few things.

Here are as follows:

  1. I have a web portal catering web directory needed. e.g.
  2. I wish to sell branded web directories as ‘’;
    (I tried to create subdomain manually but PHP is not allowing me to access root. I need root directory access from sub-domain because I need to add logos, images etc. In short, data inserted using sub-domain will also be available in main domain i.e. )
  3. I also wish to sell like ‘
    Dynamic DNS binding. Same Goal - Data inserted using this must be available in

Please let me know the starting point.

I did research but do not yet know the proper solution.
I know it has to do something with VirtualHost , Dynamic Sub-domain stuff

Looking forward to your response. Many Thanks.



Check with your hosting provider if they allow this. Many web hosting providers have their hosting configured so as not to permit sub-domains to be dynamically generated.

If they do allow it then at least you have eliminated that possibility of why it isn’t working and they might even be able to tell you what you did wrong.

oh, I forgot to mention - I have VPS PLESK.

read the parallels help files who manufacturer plesk

3. I also wish to sell like ‘

And just how are you planning to sell that? Are you going to buy/register “” and try and sell it back to the company with a forced sub-domain? Quite unrealistic your thinking there.