Dynamically create subdomains...what type of hosting?


I am interested in creating a website which includes a registration process that allows a new user to dynamically create a subdomain of their choice (if available) for their web pages. After the sign-up process has completed, the new user would be able to visit their new website at http://<YourChosenSubDomain>.MyDomain.com, and also have the ability to make changes (add/edit/delete) the pre-configured websites pages and page content.

Would i need a dedicated server or is there another alternative?
Ideally if Dedicated hosting is the only option i would also like this to be managed (i realise this is an expensive option).
Would i need to add a script that enables the auto-generation of sub domains?

Just want some advice as to the viability of this.

Thanks for any help


thanks for all the replies.

The reason i’ve gone with a dedicated hosting package is because i have quite a few hosted sites anyway so when i worked it out it’s actually more cost effective for me to operate this way.

yes, you can create sub domains by using wildcard subdomains. it means just u need to create on sub domain with *. after that try to allow mode re write option in your server.

Hi, Thanks for the replies. After some research i’ve decided to go for a dedicated server.



Shared hosting accoun which allow multiply domain names would be fine for you

fcolor’s (ZUBRAG) link appears to be a PHP script which accesses cPanel to get around the need for Apache’s Dynamically configured mass virtual hosting. That said, it would make life easier! :tup: Thanks for that link, fcolor!



Hi there,

You can check this - zubrag.com/scripts/cpanel-subdomains-creator.php

Why? If you are getting started only I suppose that VPS would be good for you.

You shouldn’t need a whole lot with the server. You software (Wordpress for instance) could handle this as long as *.yourdomain.com was pointed to your main site.