Sub 18 Web Developer

I have been learning to write code for 5 years. Server-side and front end development are both things I’ve done for myself and family members. I feel that I have the knowledge to develop websites as a freelance professional.
I am home-schooled, so time isn’t really an issue.
I’m 4 months away from my 17th birthday. Since I’m not 18, one of the things I’m having trouble with is signing contracts. I believe a get-around is having my parents sign it with me. Is this true?
How do clients react to having a “young” developer?
In terms of hardware, is a decent workstation sufficient? Is there additional equipment that a developer would find necessary?
Any help on these subjects would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Travis Petrie.

Hi Travis,

Your age will only be limited by your clients and your experience. As a general rule of thumb however you will need a parent to assist you with monetary transactions. I would ask a local lawyer however what would be best for your situation.

As for your own equipment, you really don’t need any special hardware. I personally can do everything I need on my laptop (I don’t even own a desktop anymore) and I have friends who get by with even less. The only trick will be in hosting test sites and showing those sites to your clients. For this you can get a shared host, host development sites on your own computer with MAMP or WAMP or use something like Amazon Web Services to create development servers.

Good Luck!

Thanks for your response!
I’m going over things and I am looking at the options for ways to show/deliver/host websites for clients. I never thought of AWS.