How old do I have to be to do a freelance PHP job?


On FreelanceSwitch, (FreelanceSwitch | Freelance Jobs, Freelance Forum & Directory) I have found a few jobs that I can do. I want to apply for them, but I don’t know how old you have to be. I’m 14 at the moment and will be 15 in September this year. How old do you have to be to do a freelance job online?

Thanks very much!


You have to be 13 to be a member of most sites. Some might require you to be 18, so you should check out their rules.

Otherwise there are some members on these forums that would tell you that “age doesn’t matter”.

Ok; but what about legal ages? How old do I have to be to legally do PHP work for anyone?

It’s not a drinking age :slight_smile:

To mind all the legalities perfectly you’d probably need your parents’ consent. But see if anyone on freelance sites cares about that.

The thing is that nobody will give a big job (big enough for written contracts to be necessary) to a 14-year old and with small to medium jobs nobody will care as long as you do the job. And if they do care, you can always get the legalities done.

You’re not the first underage freelancer and certainly not the last. So just do it and have fun.

…and always strive for faster, friendlier and more accurate service. There is always room to grow. My biggest mistake in freelancing was putting all of my focus on the actual coding and not in intrapersonal communications. My business skills suck and no matter how good your code is, that is the only part the customers see. So, I am learning about businessy stuff right now and working on my social skills. It is amazing that simply by being nicer or wording things differently can make or break a business.

Thanks a tonne both of you! I really appreciate it. XD

Time to make a CV. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of luck! Watch out for DP, bad place to freelance.

Thanks! XD and DP? lol

If you don’t know what DP is, I will let it alone, you don’t need to know. It is a website of scam artists and trolls.

XD: Urban Dictionary: XD

Note how the pumpkin looks like it is laying on it’s side laughing with it’s eye clenched tight? XD