Stripe Integration JS Problems with loading card-element


I am integrating a single entry point website with stripe. My document HTML data is returned in the form of a variable and placed into the layout.

I have used the standard html / css / js files from the docs section of stripe and can get the card field box to display on a standalone page.

But, when I try to integrate back into my website, I cannot seem to get the card field box to display.

I have ensured that my file
file is placed before my x.js file (with the copied js fields). I have then tried directly including the above and below the form. Inside the document, outside the html document directly. etc

I have ensured that the script is redading the included x.js (charge) file by putting in a simple myFunction button on the form that when clicked fires off an alert button.

I have tested that my css file is included by manipulating the color of a simple

element on the form.

I have seen the included x.js and stripe.js file included in the network console.

But, I am at a loss as to how to integrate the credit card box.

Perhaps it isa security feature of stripe detecting anomolous behaviour? (i.e. returned included html file) instead of directly calling it?

Anyway, I am at a loss as to how to get the credit card box to show.

Any suggestions deeply appreciated!

Ideally, we must see the HTML, CSS, and JS involved in the issue in a valid “working page” - as explained in our posting guidelines - so we can see exactly what you see and how the code works so far.