Geolocation based Web site

I would like to learn how to develop web site that uses geolocation so I am looking for some brief directions.

Do I use jQuery to obtain user current location? I am imagining that it would have to be some client side scripting language?

Once I get user current location I would like to get all restaurants close to user. How would I get listing of this?

I would like to do both of the above with me writing the code rather than just copying and pasting code.

Any info or URL would be much appreciated.


You could start with this Geolocation API which uses javascript.

Thank you so much for your reply. What about this part …

There is a Google Places API for searching for nearby locations. The documentation is here:

You’ll need an API key.

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Does Amazon offer same service? On amazon all I could find was Maps API for Android devices.

There are definitely different mapping services available, but I’ve never heard of Amazon offering one. What speaks against using Google?

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nothing at all :slight_smile: just curious

If nothing speaks against using Google and you don’t have any experience in this area, I’d go with Google maps. This is by far and away the most popular solution and you’ll find plenty of documentation / tutorials online to help you.

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There is no other way to sign up for this but rather signing up for Google cloud platfor and providing cc numbers (i am aware it is free)?

Nah man, no credit card is necessary. Read this:

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