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A customer is asking me to develop a new website for a particular field where people will be able to, amongst other things, purchase software for their work. As they are pretty big, around 10Gb each, the upgrade to my current VPS to cater for this space would significantly increase my bill so I am searching for another way where to store those files that should be only accessed from that particular website for downloading.

Any suggestion ?

So I have a couple of questions here.

  • Why are these softwares so big in size?
  • Are they standalone apps that do a lot of things?
  • Is there anyway to optimize the softwares to reduce the storage usage?

There are a host of other questions I have, but these 3 are pretty important. If you can reduce the storage usage on those softwares, it would help you dramatically. If it’s an app that only does a handful of operations, but for some reason is in the gigs for storage usage, you might want to refactor a lot of your code or even think of a better way to do it.

The solution here isn’t to find more storage space. It’s to see if there is anything you can do on your side that can reduce the storage usage so that you aren’t having to find alternatives to store large files when they shouldn’t be large files in the first place.

I am looking for something similar, and I have decided to test object storage (S3) linked to my VPS. It seems to be raw storage that you interact with using an API.

I haven’t got a clue about why are these softwares so huge as I haven’t been involved in their creation. I even don’t know what they are all about.
The only thing I know is that my client is a provider of supplies and equipment in the dental medicine area, from the smallest screw to the biggest chair.

Thanks for the suggestion. I just spent some time playing around with Backblaze APIs and managed to have them working in other words by code I uploaded a file and then downloaded it. That should do the trick.

As files appear to be big I guess the uploading part will be done directly through Backblaze. But let’s nail down the deal first.

Ok. Thanks for the information. That makes a lot of sense now why these files are gigantic. Typically softwares created for the medical area will be in larger files. I guess my suggestion would be to try out Google Drive then. I know they allow like 15GB free or something like that, but typically they should be offering pretty cheap cloud storage prices.

So at this point, the idea would be to not store those files on your VPS and have an external storage solution handle this because you have large files and the download/upload speed will be terrible for your users. I would definitely recommend cloud storage for this.

I have made some progress read here

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