Stop Featured Products/Special Products/Best Sellers Products from snapping before loading DOM

Hey guys,

I’m working on implementing a Javascript Slider on the home page at

Before the DOM loads the slider shows one row but then snaps to the slider once everything loads.

See Section that snaps

Is this a Javascript Issue that can be fixed or do I just have to live with it?

Without the page being online or some form of gif recording of the event, it’s going to be extremely hard to diagnose or fix.

Can you put the page somewhere we can open it?

Can you make any recommendations on how to capture it?

It’s the homepage here —>

They seem to be down right now.

Oops sorry reenabled the site from maintenance mode

There is a potential solution to Slick issues at the Slick issues page.
One of them that seems to be suitable is

So you reckon swap the code out completely?

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