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I have a large amount of my own photography, as well as a few select photographers I am planning to work with on a nice site to sell images. I am not yet certain which ecommerce software I might want to look into. I am reading up on magento, but want to check out all the options before trying to get the first site going.

One thing I hope to have is a way to differentiate between images that can be sold over and over, and those which are a single license which would disappear after a single sale. I guess this could be done by setting the quantity available to 1 in most carts and tagging certain photos ‘commercial’ or something like that.

Of course, it seems that many carts are more oriented around physical products thus dont really have solid image handling built in. Which carts do you feel have good image handling capabilities?

read ezine you will get it

Ucvhost | [URL=“”]

Jonathon. Thank you for the post but that is not the direction I am heading.

Patrick. I found some articles on there that were almost relevant… but they were all sales pitches for some site that wants you to pay to find out how to sell photos online… didn’t make too much progress there.

Still going to be looking around. I will post if I find anything interesting.

Are there any existing carts to suggest ?

Check out PicturesPro -

looks promising. I am checking out the features now.