Best eCommerce Software for Selling Software, etc

Hey all,

Basically, I’m here today to ask if any of you know a great, secure eCommerce software I can use on a site. Basically, the site sells software, images, templates, etc. No hard goods. Everything is done on the computer, so no need for shipping. I basically need a reliable software that can basically allow customers to purchase a product and will be given a download link to download it afterwards.

So, I need something along the lines of what stock image sites, template selling sites, etc are currently using.

I know there are popular eCommerce software like Shopify, but will this do what I need it to?

Thanks in advance,


Another platform I recently came across was the Magento eCommerce platform. Does anyone know if this platform would offer the features I’m in need of? I see demos of the platform working when selling hard goods and using shipping, etc, but I don’t seem to see any simply selling online resources like photography, etc.

Again, any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

P.s: I was looking at Mageto GO for small businesses


Hello Elementax!

I use CS-Cart and it allows to sell downloadable goods - files, images etc. You can check it.

Hey orangegirl,

Thanks for the reply! I looked into that and it definitely seems to have all the features I need. I’ll most definitely keep that one in mind.

Thanks again,


I am using magento for almost every ecommerce project. At first glance tt is a bit hard to understand how it is working, but when you do it - it does everythng what you need, especially from 1.6 version.

Ye, along as it offers the ability to sell digital downloads, it seems to be a pretty solid platform. Thanks for you input!


We use CS-Cart and Opencart depending on the client. AbanteCart is relatively new, but very powerful with many features and we start to offer it too.