Trying to find myself

No, I don’t mean somebody who quit his job and started writing poetry…

I think that it’s obvious that someone would want to enter the forum and go straight to threads that he initiated, to look up some issue that he had. In fact, it should be a button: “Go to my threads”. (With, of course some search capability after you’re there.)

But I entered today and the searcher won’t even respond to my user name, which means that the conversations that I’ve had are pretty much lost.

That can’t be good, I don’t think.
Is there some way to find my threads?



If you click on My SitePoint near the top left of screen, you should see the threads you’ve recently posted in. You can also view your Public Profile and click on Statistics to view a list of all your posts and all the threads you’ve started.

Also, in a thread that you’ve posted in, you can click on your username and click “find more posts by …”.

Does that help?