Static PHP Clock

I have a date and time displayed as

$timezone = new DateTimeZone( “America/Chicago” );
$date = new DateTime();
$date->setTimezone( $timezone );
echo $date->format(“l - F j, Y h:i:s A”);

Looks like
Thursday - February 11, 2010 10:45:47 AM

But can php make the time static?

with Java the time is set but the am or pm is alway pinged off the server time, even after you set it to your time zone. Just does not work.

What do you mean under “static”? 24-hour format? There are tokens for this, you can check documentation

something like a ticking clock…

Well, you have to go for Javascript solution for this.

This is a good script php displays a static time display and javascript then turns it into a ticking clock and if for whatever reason javascript is disabled on the end user’s computer they will still see a static clock.

Thank you,

You probably meant ‘dynamic’ by the way (antonym).