Star Wars VII - First Teaser Trailer

So, the first teaser for the new Star Wars film has arrived! Has it whet your appetite to see more, or is this never going to live up to the hype?


That will depend upon two things:

  1. Will they use an all-CGI Yoda?
    B) Will there still be Jar-Jar?


  1. More then likely as Yoda will be a Force Ghost
  2. Maybe only in scenes with the Senate

The (other) special FX look fantastic (especially the Millennium Falcon), and as long as the story doesn’t become your typical Disney-style story, I think it will live up to the hype.

Never actually seen star wars…Any movie of any of the remakes at all.

I was among the very first to see “Star Wars” (the original movie). One of the very few Premieres I had ever attended. The Loews Astor Plaza in the middle of New York City!
At that time, 1977, only the few of us who were already familiar with George Lucas and had read about the movie in American Cinematographer magazine (I had that copy of the magazine. It is among a collection of “Star Wars” stuff I lost in a flood) were the ‘movie geeks’ to go see this movie.
I recall it was impressive. So much so, I sat through another showing (that was a time when your movie ticket permitted you to stay in the theater as long as you wished. And if I recall correctly the ticket in price was an outrageous $7 or $9).

I am the one in the very middle.


The last movie I saw in the theatre was whatever the last Star Wars was called back in 05, 06, 07? This will most likely be the next movie I see in the theatre. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad I have to wait a year for that to happen. :frowning:

Indeed, although I’m not that keen on the new lightsaber effect… looks more like a rocket flame that a blade of light.

I’m pleased that they seem to be back to that grungy, lived-in look for things. In the prequels everything was a bit too clean and shiny.


So when is it set in relation to the other movies?
(I could probably have just looked this up :slight_smile: )

30ish years after Return of the Jedi… the same amount of time as between the release of the films themselves. I suppose that’s to justify the use of the original actors.

They were clean and shiny because in the prequels, they were new. By the time Episode IV, A New Hope came around (in the time line), the Empire had already suppressed life so much that nothing was new anymore, except things for the Emperor.

Hated Jar-Jar… and still hating it now… I hope he’s not there :slight_smile:

There was Episodes 7, 8 and 9 written a fair time ago, can’t find the link to info about them

He might be… can’t remember (I’ve read so many books… although the only one I remember a bit was what happened after the war, when Leia and Hans Solo were married and had twins)

But, with a bit of luck, Jar-Jar won’t be in the movie :smiley:

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