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Hi All, I’m hoping you can help answer this (likely noob) question for me.

I had a website that a developer custom built with a lot of subscribers (names, addresses, etc.). We recently rebuilt the website onto WordPress so we could manage our content easier without having to contact this developer every time we needed to change the text on something.

We asked this developer for the list of our subscribers so we could either import or manually enter them ourselves, we didn’t hear from him for almost a year and then suddenly he emailed us what appears to be the entire file stack for our old website.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t all of our subscriber data be stored in a database?

Is there any way to actually pull subscriber data from these files? Or is this essentially useless if the database that this site connected to no longer exists?

If it was stored in a database, and that database has been erased, then your data is gone.

That said, from the file stack you should be able to extract the database connection information to determine whether said database still exists or not.

The hint there may be the .mysql_history file - it would seem to point to an external mysql database being used. So run a search across the files for mentions of mysql, mysqli, or pdo.

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