SQL Book for the working developer?

Hello all,

  Ok so I just withdrew from a 9 month database theory and practice module (before it started) due to a heavy work load. I already work with SQL day to day, but my SQL knowledge is really very limited in comparison to my programming skills.

The module was VERY heavy on theory and really quite dry. What I really need is a book that I can learn from and use as a reference while I work. I was wondering if the good folks at sitepoint can recommend me a title?

Kind regards and thanks! :slight_smile:

Check out Simply SQL, by the forums’ own Rudy (r937).

That book looks great, thanks Ralph :eye:

it is a damn fine book - and ts not that I am biased towards Rudy - its just a very well written book :slight_smile:

you guys are so sweet :slight_smile:

johnuk, if you work with SQL already, my book might not be the reference that you’re looking for

it will teach you a certain way of thinking, how to structure your queries and understand how the various clauses work…

for a reference, vendor documentation is always the best choice

Check for “Programming a Microsoft SQL Server Database”. This is official book for paper 2073B