Question: Simply SQL Book

Hey Rudy,

I’'m thinking about ordering your book. I was wondering if there’s anything contained in it I should watch out for that doesn’t pertain to the current version of MySQL.

i don’t think so – i tried pretty hard to make sure the SQL is compatible with all databases, not just mysql

That’s great. I’ve tried a couple books, Effective MySQL - Optimizing SQL Statements by Oracle, and High Performance MySQL by O’Reilly.

Both great books. But they’re both more so about profiling, indexes and table structure. Want I wanted to focus on was the SQL syntax. Looks like your book is one of the few out there that does that.


For what it is worth, I have this book and it is great, it is largely Db agnostic, enforces ANSI SQL (outlines some specific database ways as well) and has clear examples of SQL syntax and functionality. The best SQL book I have!


yeah, but don’t get your hopes up too much, this is basically a book for beginners

have you read the sample chapter?

note to @HAWK – could you please get someone to go through that sample chapter and correct the code samples to remove the hilarious and egregiously incorrect   and <br> html tags from the SQL code samples, please

Thanks for the warning. I’ve been studying MySQL for a while, but I’ve been spreading those studies pretty thin as I’ve also been studying a lot of PHP, Wordpress and Jquery. I think Simply SQL would be well suited for me.

Sure can.

I’ve finished Simply SQL. As warned, it was heavy on beginner level stuff but I still pulled a lot of value from it. Going back over the last half of the book to get a better grasp of things like aggregate functions. Any advice on an SQL intermediate/advanced level book? Most everything I’ve found is a bit dated or has very iffy ratings on Amazon.

SQL for Smarties by Joe Celko


thanks for the suggestion book.

I’ll definitely buy that soon…

SQL for Smarties does look like an interesting title. I was a little intimidated after reading some of the ratings and the book preface suggesting readers should have a couple years experience with SQL before reading it. I’m still giving the title some consideration, but do you think it may be a bit over the head of someone who is still having trouble with aggregate functions and reflexive relationships?

I’m also considering the Head First SQL title. It looks like it covers the a lot of beginner level stuff along with some more intermediate/advanced level lessons. The book is published in 2007 though, which worries me. Though as Simply SQL states, SQL is such a mature language that changes aren’t really too drastic. But is a book from 2007 a little too old?


but you did ask for “intermediate/advanced” and SQL for Smarties fits that requirement

i can’t comment on the Head First book, i haven’t read it