Spinning wheels animation

Hi Folks

I’m looking for a javascript?? animation of spinning slot machine reels. The image of a machine is not required just the spinning numbers. The idea is that when a user opens a page the wheels are spinning and in a few moments stop at a predetermined number that I can change.

I’m looking for a link to a script that does this.


You will need a couple of images for this.

One animated image of the wheel spinning at a blurred speed, and a long image that you can place in a sliding-doors block to show where the wheel stops.

Here is an example of one in action.

You could even use different speed animations, so that you can more effectively slow down the wheel.

Hi pmw57

Thanks for the link but the skill to interpret and change the coding is a bit beyond my meagre javascript skills.

My apologies. The link wasn’t provided so that you could copy it. It was provided as a working example of the types of images that are used.

I hope you find someone who can provide what you’re looking for.