Specific IE8 (XP) issues on hover states?


I work with a Mac but do check my sites in IE to ensure they look ok.
However this particular website is not displaying correctly in IE8 on my clients computer but only on some hover states.
They are using IE8 Windows XP. I have checked the site on the same set up on 2 different computers and I don’t have an issue with the hover states.

My question is, can there be an issue with hardware? I’ve never known this and can’t imagine why this would make any difference.
Is there anything else that could be affecting this?

Thanks for any suggestions


I tested and also see nothing, however I find it strange that I cannot enlarge the text (as that was my first thought). Apparently it’s from the 12px font size setting. I thought IE8 had fixed that : /

Anyway, there is one thing I do see: the Featured Article box on the left side shows a small green line, which is covered up on :hover (the whole box seems to move down by 1px). This despite zero movement in Firefox.

Another thing to check is to have your clients look at this demo page you’ve made, and ask them if they see the same error. Possibly they don’t? In which case, that means the error is somehow only on the live version (which could really help you narrow the cause down).

tested here and it also looks good. the problem should extend to some other sites on your clients computer. you need to find out other sites that look different on their computer but normal on others. god knows what software they have installed: accessibility, browsing helpers… also try and navigate to your site booting from a windows live cd on their computer to see if the behaviour persists. that way you can helpfully prove it’s the os on hdd.

maybe their station renders images (jpeg, png, gif) different and you are mixing them up… or less then 16bit colors… try different resolutions…

It’s working fine for me with IE8 on WinXP, no lines that look like they shouldn’t be there.

Hi Stevie D

I wonder what this is then. No matter how i try i cannot recreate what the client is seeing which is very frustrating as it must appear to them that i don’t know what i’m talking about.

I really want someone else to find something wrong.
Can anyone else take a look or perhaps suggest any possible cause?

Thanks a lot



Ok, thanks for looking at this by the way it will be interesting to see if anyone else has issues.
The issues are that when you hover over the ‘services’ button and the ‘case studies’ button a line appears to the right of those buttons.
The other issue is with the top blue button of the main animated area, apparently when hovered over the client can see a line appear to the top left corner.

The link to the site is here



yeah i’ll see what i can do about uploading the sample page.

I have a pc laptop that was using IE7 and the site was fine. A friend also tested it without any issues. I have now upgraded to IE8 on the laptop and i still cant recreate what they are experiencing.

Will post shortly.


Don’t always trust the compatible mode. It can give a false sense of security.

If you could follow Stromme and post a dummied down version of your page we can test it out.


The project is in development so i don’t want give out the address. I can PM it though if you be willing to take a look?
Let me know


Can you make a basic mockup of code, with text replaced with lorem ipsum, which shows the problem and post it here? (enough to cause the problem, doesn’t even have to be the full page if you can get the error in a part of it)

I’m trying but can’t think of any known specific reason why IE8 would have trouble on :hover, which makes me think it’s either an actual error that other browsers are covering up, or a manner of coding that is tripping up IE8 but isn’t actually invalid.

Did you run your code through the w3c validator? Do you have a complete and full doctype? Are these users using IE8 in regular mode or did they switch it over to Compat mode? (if this is the case, then it means your site is possibly broken in IE7… ideally it shouldn’t matter what setting people have their browsers on)

it always helps if you can provide a link.