LI Hover effect not working in IE8 but does in FF

Hi Everyone,

I’m going crazy over a hover effect that won’t work in IE8.

I’m developing this page:
w w w . v e r t i c e l o . s e / d e e p e c 9 9 / b o k f o r _ n y t t v e r i f i k a t . p h p

If I enter a number example “1” in the “konto” input an autocomplete pops up. When I hover the mouse over the alternatives it should highlight in orange. This works in FF but not in IE8.

Where I got the script from it actually works in IE8 and I can’t understand why it doesn’t in my page…

I got it from:
p a p e r m a s h u p . c o m / j q u e r y - p h p - a j a x - a u t o s u g g e s t /

Any help is much appreciated!

Hi, you are in quirks mode-whcih may be the cuase. Try adding in the red

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" [color=red]""[/color]>


Seems to have worked Ryan!!

I’ve only verified with IE7, at work. As soon as I get home I’ll try with IE8.

Thanks again, you’re the man!

** Is there a way to mark this as solved, answered or give Ryan any score/kudos ?

No need - your thanks is all that’s needed :slight_smile:

Just your thanks, as Paul said-this forum doesn’t have that kind of system. They took it out a long timee ago.

Yup (: