Spaces in text missing!?


Newbie here.

Just copied a load of text from a pdf document and pasted it into my html document in Text Mate. Only element Ive used is <p>.

The problem is that the page renders (in all browsers) with almost no spaces in-between the words of text, resulting in one very long word indeed!

What’s happened?

I’ve never used Text Mate, so I’m guessing here. Do you have an option checked somewhere to strip whitespace? I take it the text looks OK in Text Mate but not in the browser?

Sounds like you’ve copied incompatible space characters from the PDF.

Try replacing them: in TextMate, open the HTML document, select a space between words, copy it, press Apple-F to open the Find window, paste the space character into the Find field, go to the Replace field and press the spacebar to enter a space. Click the Replace All button. View in Web Preview or save and view in a browser.

Victorinox…youre a genuis! it worked perfectly :slight_smile:

thanks to both of you!