Some folders on server not showing on my ftp

I wasnt sure what category to post this under so this seemed like a pretty generalized area.

Im having a problem with my ftp client.
I use Panic Transmit version 4.1.9.

When i log onto one of my client’s servers, certain folders are not displaying,
yet when i log onto that same server with another version of transmit on a different computer, all the folders show as they are supposed to.

I just noticed this problem a few weeks ago and have not been able to figure out what the issue is.

Any ideas? - other than removing and reinstalling transmit (id prefer not to do that unless i have to)

That’s weird. I don’t know what to suggest, but I also use the same version of Transmit and haven’t noticed behavior of this sort.

Perhaps the directories are set to hidden? Though I don’t know about the setting in that client regarding viewing hidden files or folders.


If you have any .htaccess files in the hidden folder then try renaming them and see if the problem still occurs.

Don’t forget to rename them back again.

This recently happened to me on my localhost and was not easy to find the cause.

I guess if it’s a case of invisible files being hidden, you can go to View > Show Invisible Files.