[solved] New Feature Feedback - Questions / Answered

Hi, thanks for these great forums, love the forum, love the people!

I have one feature suggestions, most likely it has been raised before but it would be great if there was a function to mark threads as “answered” or if the case… “not yet answered” and have a point/score system where users are rewarded for solving the questions / assisted in the answer. I believe that would lead to even more participation and puts an additional element of fun to it.

Thank you again!

Their certainly good ideas and things we have considered to potentially improve the forum, thanks for the feedback, we’ll see what the staff think (hopefully there should be some changes for the better arriving soon both in the way we keep the forum clean and how more people can get involved). :slight_smile:

I think a possible pitfall to this approach is that it’s not really clear when a question has been answered.
For example, when someone asks “how much is 1+1?” and someone says 2, then that’s clearly answered, but if someone asks “What is the best way to set up a home server?” and someone else answers “Use linux”, is that question answered? Maybe the question asker knows zip about linux and would be better of with Windows 2008 R2 for example.

Another pitfall is that currently when a question is answered, some users keep the discussion on that topic going.
I’m affraid that people will not read answered question so much, thus avoiding/preventing these --mostly quite interesting-- discussions.

has this thread been properly answered? if so, let’s close it and mark it answered


:smiley: :smiley:

so, I award 10 points each to everyone that has participated, you have now reached the status of “sitepoint gurus”.

Let’s close the thread :wink:

Let’s NOT close threads, but let’s let the OP (or maybe also an Advisor) add [solved] to the title if they think it’s been answered, while still allowing someone else to answer with more completeness or “hey yeah actually that’s not a good solution because x,y,z”.

i invite you to initiate this process for this thread as a test case

I cannot edit titles, am not the OP.

I’m just very VERY against closing threads. Very.

Did I mention very?

and very.

and a p0ny.

i understand that

what i am suggesting is that you initiate the process with an advisor to change the thread title for this thread as a test case to discover how feasible it is to have advisors changing thread titles to mark them [solved] and yet at the same time leave them open


Actually this is already being discussed… I believe Alex Dawson brought it up. But, yeah, here I go… see if this works.

I bring up a lot of things - including this idea yea (I think Hawk might be getting stressed by me) :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, not getting stressed - it’s just a matter of prioritising.

This one is lower down on the list right now. But we’ll get to it. Remind me in a month. :wink: