Software for converting Cassettes to CD?

I’ve got a few cassettes that still sound good (kept inside, so tape is in good shape, playing well), so I figured I’d try to convert them to digital audio on my computer so I can make MP3s.

These have content that has not been re-issued so they are not available to be purchased on CD (which would be preferable as I’ve been able to do for much of my collection), but since I did buy the cassettes I should be OK legally to back these up.

I have a high end Onkyo cassette player to plug in to and run to the audio input on my sound card.

My question is…is there a good open source software that has a good quality recorder? If not open source, any reasonably priced software for this out there?

I don’t know about good quality but I’ve used Audacity before for such tasks.

I have audacity, but I cannot find the audio recorder so I thought it did not have that feature.

I did find a “sound” recorder, but that only allows short recordings…not long ones

audacity should do it nicely (for free)

Just set it up to record line in (depending on your soundcard)

For more information have a look at this:
Audacity: How do I record from vinyl records, cassette tapes, or minidiscs?

and this:

Transferring tapes and records to computer or CD - Audacity Wiki


I’ve converted a lot of my vinyl and cassette collection to cd. When I started the goal was to have CD’s that would play in a car CD player, and I wanted labels for the cd’s. I ended up using a no-longer-available program cool edit 2000. I tried Audacity but I found it much easier to split songs into individual tracks with Cool Edit. Be prepared for many of your cassette recordings to not identify to freedb or cddbdb, unless you split the tracks exactly right the discid won’t be correct.

Cool Edit saves all the tracks as individual .wav files, and I rename the track filenames to the proper title. Then I use Nero 9 to burn the CD, Nero is the only burner I’ve found that automatically writes CD text for the track filenames.

Next I use SureThing Labeler to make labels. It can insert the CD text track names automatically without retyping.

Ion decks to convert
soundbooth to clean up static