Needing to record Phone Calls

I’m a business owner that is needing to record phone calls with clients and
vendors. It is legal in my state to do so as long as it is a phone call in which
I’m am one of the people engaged in the conversation.

I’ve been searching for devices to do this with and so far all I’ve seen is
cheap stuff. I’ve even purchased a couple of things that haven’t worked
out very well.

I do have a little tape recorder that can be used in between the handset
and base of a corded phone which works somewhat decently, but I always
have to convert it to digital (onto my PC) which is very time consuming.

Does anyone know of a good phone, or phone system, that can record
phone calls in digital format like MP3 or WAV that works well?

As for recording phone calls i using Skype for it i use IMCapture for Skype. I always record my interviews with it’s help.

Softphones (the one you use for making voip calls from your computer) has this feature, even the free ones. X-lite and [URL=“”]PortGo are two of the best softphones you can download and use for free. I’ve been using these two on my [URL=“”]Onesuite account and I like it very much.

Recording conversation is just as easy as pushing the record button and it automatically saves as a wav file. The limit is the size of your hard disk so you can pretty much record everything and quality is really clear.

Seems as though a hand held recorder is going to be the best way to
go since some of these others options may/may not work very well.
(I don’t have time to buy a bunch of stuff for testing)

So, I guess I need to stay with my hand held recorder that I can
plug in to my standard old school phone.

Does anyone know of a digital version of this…
(so I don’t have to record to tape, making it easier to transfer to my PC)

I had the same requirement. Whenever I wanted to record, I used Skype and Callgraph to record into mp3. Very effective!

Good to know for podcasting purposes

I use AT&T all distance calling plan as I do alot of long distance calling,
(domestically in the US only) so I don’t know if I would want to switch
to another phone service just so I can record my calls.

Seems like in today’s high tech world there would bs some quality plug
n play options out there that would work with your existing set-up.

Maybe I haven’t yet found a recorder like the one I have only digital
instead of the small cassette tape.

After I posted last night, I did more searching and found something I might
try at


If you ever go to a business meeting and want to record what is said
so you can prove what those rascals promised that they later deny, you
could get this cool working pen with built in audio recorder at

These look pretty cool and they actually write!