Social Networking and Social Bookmarking?

Hello SEO Experts,

             I'm very confused about Social Networking and Social Bookmarking.Anyone can explain what is the major difference between Social Networking sites and social bookmarking sites?

Social networking is define as being the act of exchanging information,personal or public,through various form of technology such as internet,cell phone and other services.Social networking site are perfect for business too.Social bookmarking is a way for people to save their favourite website online.By using social bookmarking people can access that favourite bookmark from the any computer and share with them other people.

Social networking means maintaining contact with people socially by exchanging information, sharing pics, and by posting updates while in social bookmarking people while social bookmarking is used by internet users to save & organize their favourite sites.

Social networking site can be compared to social function where people of the same interest of meet.Social networking site are also enable the user that upload the image so the interaction become more interesting and lively.Some of the popular social networking sites include myspace, Twitter and facebook.
Social bookmarking website are most often visited by people who would like to share certain article,news,website or a webpages.Users who enable viewing of links by tags, randomly or categorically either on basis of each bookmark or even as privacy enabled.Social bookmarking site are delisious,stumbleupon and digg.

I use a social bookmarking site to keep my commonly used sites as bookmarked so that I can get them when I am out of home and using other PC; but if I would bookmarked them in my PC browser them I would not get them beyond my PC. Social networks, however, keep me connected with my friends and give me accompany when I am alone.

Social Network websites are like WordPress, Tumblr and Blogster. They allow you to publish content and share with your friends. Social Bookmarking websites are like StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Digg. You spread content to other people. Does that make sense?