Social bookmarks icons

Social bookmarks icons…

Look at the right column at the website below to know what I mean

I know you can find them everywhere on the web like here

But my question is how do u set it up ??

There are service like (add this) and (share this) But i don’t want these types.

I want icons that share to social media like the one in Mashable.

I also know that they are available in word press But I need them for a website…

I searched the web on how to set i up but couldn’t find an answers…

Can u shed some light on the matter…

On Mashable, those aren’t links to share the post on social networks. They are links to the different Mashable social accounts.

AddThis has options to customize what you want:

You can also read through AddThis documentation to learn how to customize:

Just put the image of the services you want to support on your website/page and a link to the respective service using their link structure (you probably need some server side scripting to incorporate the current URL in this). Some services provide tighter integration, like Twitter and Facebook, just check those sites out for their development guide or similar.