The share buttons on

Hi all,

I’d like to display the share buttons in exactly the same way that Mashable display theirs - see for an example (at the side of 1.5k shares).

Is there an easy way to implement this? The options that provide I’m not keen on, and their help section stinks.

Any tips appreciated.

Many thanks.

The Mashable social sharing sharing button seems to be custom coded (might need to check with some experts here).

If you are not keen on using, you can give DiggDigg a try. Personally, I like how DiggDigg presents its social buttons because it stays persistent on the sidebar following the visitors wherever they scroll.

Thanks mate, will give it a look.

Such type of buttons appear after customization in coding. You can find plugin to add into your website if you have wordpress platform. this will be easy fro wordpress users.

There are various plugins which you can use to implement this but remember that the number of likes/shares which appear on the feed are the same which are there on the facebook fanpage.
They will not be shown as 1.5k…

You can check the following links to get more info

Check this out - when you change the layout style to “box count” you will get the style you want. It is a style that Facebook provides so it should be as an option in any Facebook plugin you use.