Social bookmarking plugin

Looking for a great social bookmarking plugin. There’s literally hundred available when I did a search and have a hard time finding one that is suited.

Just something simple where the bookmarks can be located at the end of the blog entry and has most of the major bookmarking site ans SNS like FB, Twitter, etc…

search for the add this wordpress plug in.

Well of course you need only to select those working sites… I used the same plugin in 2 of my blogs…

I would suggest this bookmark plugin as well =) It looks really nice!

I use sexy bookmarks on one of my sites, but it has so many useless things. I created a custom ‘plugin’ for my other site for the social bookmarking link buttons. Just no need for all the extra stuff most plugins come with.

I would suggest onlywire for multiple submissions.

I came across light bookmark plugin and felt its very neat and loads very fast, and hence i’ve installed that plugin in my blog it looks simple after every post and does not consume time compared with other bookmarking plugins, highly recommend it.

thank you.

Try this one. It looks great.

This one:
has a lot of social sites on it…