WordPress Facebook Plugin

Hi guys,

I know there are hundreds of different Face-book plug-ins/widgets for Word Press but I can’t seem to find one which simply adds your latest posts to your blog (or rather pulls them from face-book - doesn’t need to add in real time as long as your latest posts are updated on your blog on refresh.).

I have found plug-ins that can do this with your profile and your wall and all sorts of clever things and even ones that can do it the other way and add your latest blog posts to your FB Wall. Does anyone have any idea where I can find this?


Not entirely sure what you are asking but you could try here (Codecanyon).

The other thing is if you know a website that uses that same functionality you can search the HEAD source code and look for any plugins they might be using and chase them down that way. I’ve certainly used this method to find some really cool plugins when I’ve seen people do cool things.

That’s great, thanks for your response :slight_smile: