Slide images code not working at home page of WordPress Website

Hello Everyone, I have a website and on the home page I want to add images as slides images but the code I have is not working properly. can anyone share code that will help me set images in slides?

I don’t see any image slider code on that page?

Where is the slider and what code are you using?

i try to paste code but it is not working…if you have code for image slider please do share.

It looks like you are using Wordpress so you probably should be looking for a WordPress slider. There are loads of others (not wordpress specific) around with full installation instructions. I don’t do Wordpress but they all have instructions on installation etc.

I’m not going to help you google but I will help if you show what you have tried and then we can see where it went wrong. You will get the best help if you show the actual non working code that we can then debug more easily. :slight_smile:

What code did you try to add?
Where did you get it from?
What instructions did it have?

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