Having problems adding images to wordpress

trying to create a css slide show for the header.
my images are not showing up. is there a wordpress tag for this?
the code i am using would normally bring in the image.
Usually for wp I use the

background-image: url (' ');

but for a slide show i need to create a div, i also tried to see if it may be due to being up or down a folder but that did not help either

<div id="hdrSlide">
<img src="contentImages/hangarScene.png" alt="aerospace industry">
<img src="contentImages/oilRef01.png" alt="oil engineering">
<img src="./contentImages/oilRef02.png" alt="oil engineering">
<img src="../contentImages/oilRef03.png" alt="oil engineering">

thank you

hello there,

The first easy solution is using a plugins linke this one : Link

the second solution is using a manually Jquery Slideshow linke in this Tutorials : Link1 and [URL=“http://www.queness.com/post/1450/jquery-photo-slide-show-with-slick-caption-tutorial-revisited”]Link2

Hope that Help!