Slick.js carousel - image slides randomly freezing?

I have one problem left, i have finished my website but the carousel “Slick.js” works great… but randomly freezes… and wont change the image of the Browsers in the header.

can somebody please help me? I havent found any errors in the console log…

try refreshing tbe hompeage a couple of times and see what happens when it changes images…


Can somebody help me to fix this?


Can you please provide better direction as to what seems to be the problem? I’m having a difficult time figuring out what needs to be fixed.

I see a problem Firefox latest.

The “cloudinary” images (not the background images) have this

$("#banner").backstretch(orangeworx_images, {
             duration: 8000,
             fade: 500

But if you click the down arrow, wait a short while, then scroll back up, the duration is longer than expected.


I am trying to keep the images repeating. It works for some time but randomly stops at one of the browser pages. But i don’t see any error what is causing it.

Without my bench-testing it, my best guess is

the slide uses “interval”
I suspect there is a lot of position monitoring happening
After scrolling, the JavaScript “clock” needs to catch up.

Sound about right?


Yes correct so the text, banner and slide(browser) need to work all together… at the same time… but the problem it’s freezing randomly do you have a trick how i can solve this?


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