Content slider slight problems :(

hi guys…i got this content slider off the net but the coder hasn’t seemed to respond to any bug requests in months:( …Js file here: …1) does anyone know how to stop the automatic slideshow on this? ive set it to a longer length but dont know how to stop it 2) does anyone know how to get rid of the 3 dots below the images/slider so page just ends at end of image… this is not in the HTML… it must be a line of code in the js file? 3) Theres a lag when you click the right arrow from the orange image slide… its like the orange image stays there a little bit longer over the green image … please any help with this would be appreciated!!

Perhaps you should try a better one like AnythingSlider. I say “better”, because it has clear instructions about how to turn things on and off.

I’ve already done all the work with this one, and this is a javascript forum,so someone must know javascript on here to help out?