Sliced psd

im trying to take a sliced psd and seperate the stylesheet. anyone know the fix???

brokeenterprise . com

its just not centering for me.

  1. You posted your question in the PHP forum, it belongs in the HTML forum
  2. You have declared your link element 2 times in your <head> tags
  3. You have declared a <style> element within style.css which doesn’t need to be there

Yeah… right.

lmao!!! that’s a good one.

We are pleased to be able to offer everything from logo design to code repair

We are pleased to be able to offer everything from logo design to code repair, granted sitepoint forums r up!


Sorry, had to.

Thank you for everything! , I would figure this was the appropriate forum since I was trying to get the php to work

This has always been a real good reference forum for anything code related. Im sorry you took it upon yourself to make a judgement on my website not my code, You should get an infraction for wasting a post to poke fun at someone instead of using the thread to provide help which this board was created for. It really is sad that you have so much free time on your hands that you can look at my site and judge it without even saying anything helpful at all. Im sure your a real winner!

Kangbroke, if you do not want to receive criticizes or judgments on your sites—or anything you post for that matter—do not post them. There is no rule, as far as I can tell, that says we cannot voice our opinions. It is also very ironic that you are asking for help on such a simple problem, it very clearly contradicts what you say on your web site. This fact is hard to ignore. Now if you like I can make judgments on your code, but you would not like that either.