Skype for BlackBerry

Is BlackBerry Curve 9320 support Skype ? If yes then send me links
please its very urgent
Thank You

Use this page to check if your phone is natively supported:

If not, there is an app called IM+ Talk ($9.99) that seems to be able to connect to the Skype network and duplicate many of its features:

Thanks But still i don’t get my solution

If the links I supplied don’t answer your question, then I don’t understand what you’re asking. Please elaborate.

But I opened this link
then i filled my no after that there was no response and 2nd link i opened then i download the IM+ software after that i loaded in my phone then in installing time there was a message that file supported.
So please tell me what i will do

The link is not valid. Anyway, doesn’t Blackberry their own repository? Most of the times I use my phone repository to download the software and not the web page of the provider

I didn’t find any solution
Please tell me what i will do. Its very important for me.
Thank you

Try this one Surely You will get rid from this problem.