Sitepoint Shutterbug 2014

That’s certainly true. The architecture round here isn’t as impressive as yours, but we do like to be different, so we have a round church:

(built without corners for the devil to hide in, apparently :shifty:)

and a square lighthouse:

(@Francky - I was on the ferry when I took that one, so if it’s a bit squinty, I think I have an excuse. ;))

New one from me

Let it spin

I really like that, with the constast of the swirls against the background tiles. :slight_smile: Is it a child’s spinning-top?

Yes :slight_smile: my small cousin.

You’re spinning your cousin? Cool! I’d love to spin my kids like that (though somebody’d probably report me for it :D)


If you think that’s bad, you should see how he treats his friends. :eek:



Oh, he was all over the entire park that day.
He just couldn’t stop, I was the dizzy one :slight_smile:

I will have a headshot campaign among all my friends this spring.
I hope no one will escape! :p[/ot]

Found three more Geometrical photos, some with strange angles.

Scaffolding, Vientienne, Laos

Pinklao Ferry, Bangkok, Thailand

Under the Boardwalk, Koh Phangnan, Thailand

Also some others:

Alp Church:
Symmetric / Asymmetric

Alp House:
Lots of shapes, angles, curves and geometry
([U]better quality here[/U])

Happy B!
Traffic signs for nectar[/CENTER]

And this one:

Rainbow at waterfall:
The perfect natural ellipse
[U]better quality here[/U] [/CENTER]

  • Note: Under the [U]next[/U] button is the cascade in full glory (click the link “Follow the stream!”) :slight_smile:
    Over there also some horizontal panorama’s, one with the parallax effect for better 3D, and more photo’s for interested hikers.
    For isn’t the goal of our pictures: making websites? :wink:


The rainbow photo is one of them! In fact it is a montage of 2 photographs, for there was no possibility to step backward for the total (and didn’t have a wide-angle lens).


Aha! But I think there is no excuse, TechnoBear, for there is the wonderful tool [U]ShiftN[/U]!
([U]see here[/U]; I use it every now & then to correct architectural things as the Alp Church and Alp House from above)


It seems Italy has a patent on distortions: besides the Pisa-declination there is also the Pizza-perspective. :smiley:


How about a geometrical view out of the window… :slight_smile:

This one is BRILLIANT. There are countless geometric shapes in that image. And then the dichotomy with the foreground plants’ shape(s) obscured (softened) by the snow!

I was going to say something along those lines - but I’d never have used “dichotomy”. :lol: (Great word, @ParkinT.) And I love the photo, @guido2004. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

When I first encountered that word I thought it was an unpleasant surgical procedure!


:eek: :lol:[/ot]

Me too. It isn’t? I’ll have to look it up.
I’ll take it as a compliment for the time being… :lol:

Wow, I’d love to visit that place!

Some lines, triangles and curves and you’ve got yourself a boat :smiley:

There’s a lot of geometry in windmills as well

I like the windmills, @guido2004. :slight_smile:

I’ve found the photo of our square lighthouse which I really wanted to post. It’s from a different angle and has natural “triangles” of grass, path, foliage, etc.

Thanks. It was a beautiful day, which certainly helped making that picture :slight_smile:

I like your picture too. The grass and path triangles form a rectangle as well. The same for foliage and sky. Very nice. Very geometrical :slight_smile: