SitePoint Premium

Like with Versioning it has taken us a few days to get around to putting SitePoint Premium up here for you guys.

We’re really pleased to announce the launch of Premium, which was Learnable but which is now becoming so much more! Premium fits in nicely with a bunch of new tools and resources that we have been working on and releasing lately, including Screencasts, Versioning and our Sass Reference, which is the first of many new references that we will be releasing over the next few months.

As with everything we always love to hear thoughts and suggestions, either here or in our nifty new Suggestions upvoting tool.


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Could links to Versioning and the forums be added to the main menu?


Definitely - likelihood is that we’ll move to a two level nav like we have on SitePoint so that the main navigation for Premium will be the ‘SitePoint network’ navigation and the second level will be Premium-specific…haven’t quite gotten to that yet but it is on the list for us :smile:


Is existing SitePoint content being moved to Premium?


Hey Shane,

No, all current SItePoint content stays free as it always has been - we’ve added a bunch of new content and books to Premium (along with Partnerships with A Book Apart and UX Mastery) and we’ve started to create new content types like Screencasts, of which there will be free and paid versions.

We’re still totally committed to creating the best free content for web developers and designers, we’ve just added another layer to that with Premium

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is there any chance you could add Paypal as payment option? I really want to subscribe but I dont have any credit card so I really hope you can add it.

Hi navip0t,

We can accept Paypal, but only for annual memberships, where you would pay for a full year of membership, in one big lump. If you are interested in purchasing an annual membership using Paypal, please contact us at and we will be happy to send you more info on how to do this.

Congratulations on the new and improved SitePoint and SitePoint Premium. It looks great.

I have used Sitepoint and Learnable over the past six years and I’ve been poking around SitePoint Premium for a few months and these are my most frequent thoughts:

  1. I figured that has morphed into S.P.P. with the redirects, but I had to search the forums to find any mention of it. I think there should be some press release or sticky post up front.
  2. I get emails fairly regularly from SitePoint, but the 20 July '15 email announcing SitePoint Premium made no mention of Learnable, nor the thoughts behind the evolution, nor plans for the future. It’d be interesting to know the whys behind the changes.
  3. I’m ambivalent about “” I feel that the integration of the Stack Commerce store devalues the SitePoint brand. Not to be too harsh, but why drive your users to competing sites offering education that’s not at least on par with your own? I don’t know, are those other courses vetted by someone at SitePoint?
    Overall, I like the new SitePoint and am looking forward to the new content.
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Hey @cineron, thanks for your post. We had a sticky up on SPP for a few months, but took it down eventually as the number of new members (who were confused about the Learnable mention!) overtook existing members.

On 2, that’s a really good point — I’m kicking myself for not writing a more elaborate launch post on the move from Learnable to Premium when it happened. Basically, it’s about integrating our brands. Learnable had been a part of SitePoint for a few years by that point, and the whole team worked as one, but the re-branding made it official. It’s also really hard to promote a paid product with a whole different identity!

Thanks for your feedback on StackCommerce as well. We’ve had a very positive reaction from most of the SP audience, and while we try to keep competing offers off the site, they do sometimes pop up.

There’s a ton of new stuff coming in the next few weeks. Anything in particular you’re eager to see?


My current projects involve Python, Django, postgres and nginx. I found the older “Faster Websites with Nginx” by Chris Lea very helpful. I’d be interested in other nginx videos.
I’ve also found the “real world” tutorials, like “Real Python” by Heisler and “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python” by Sweigart more effective for my learning style than the traditional theory then practice lessons.
I’m also using Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3, so I’ll probably be looking at tutorials for those languages/ frameworks in the coming months.
I’d also be interested in Swift/ iOS tutorials.